Brazilian Payments Almanac 2021-2022

Brazilian e-commerce sales remained robust in 2021, growing 27% to R$182.7 billion (US$39.6 billion). Over 12.9 million consumers adhered to e-commerce in the year, with the number of shoppers reaching 87.7 million. The figures show that the strong growth driven by the pandemic in 2020 was not temporary and that the segment continues to attract new shoppers. 


Cross-border e-commerce also grew significantly in 2021, with revenue rising 60% in relation to 2020. In all, 68% of Brazilian e-shoppers made purchases on international platforms in 2021. However, to tap this market, it is important to understand the favorite payment methods used by Brazilian consumers, such as Pix, the instant payment system that has been winning over users and growing in the e-commerce environment.


This eBook presents an overview of Brazil’s digital industry, especially the e-commerce and payment segments. Learn about the latest trends that international players must be aware of to expand their business to Brazil.

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See some of the insights you will discover in the new Brazilian Payments Almanac:

Brazil’s economic scenario and the growth of its digital industry

E-commerce data in Brazil and trends for the cross-border segment

Behavior of consumers on their digital shopping journey 

Payment trends in Brazil, especially instant payment methods (Pix)

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